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Secure Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Real-time mobile security that communicates reliability

The rapidly changing healthcare industry of today has been quick to adopt mobility and mobile-based applications which are helping healthcare practitioners get quick PHI while reducing medication errors drastically. Healthcare workflows are now strongly supported by mobility solutions and applications across the care continuum, which includes patients, facilities, physicians and communities.

Today’s rapidly advancing technology has greater enterprise security risks and added IT complexities associated with it, generally creating a massive gap between IT and mobility. The shift towards BYOD solutions is focused on mobilizing data as well as people connected to it. Folio3 integrates healthcare mobility solutions across devices, applications and security to give you the best system that enables data to move in a secure way across a managed environment on your mobile devices. Secure healthcare mobility solutions by Folio3 allows you to:

  • Transform your network into a BYOD ready system
  • Empower your workforce productivity and satisfaction
  • Drive business performance by unleashing employee potential
  • Enable control through comprehensive security & simplified management system
  • Enable doctors, nurses and patient care staff to communicate efficiently
  • Provide easy & secure access to patient data and information
  • Provide notification of various clinical events to concerned staff
  • Secure and effective management of on-call schedules

What are the Requirements
for Mobility Solutions?

As health systems entered the mobile device landscape, healthcare providers started using enterprise devices that served specific communication, data access and sharing functions. However, these devices failed to offer ePHI security and storage solutions, limiting healthcare providers to collaborate in specific locations only, resulting in the adaptation of personal devices for work purposes and raising clear HIPAA violation flags.

Health systems seeking to protect patient data and improve care coordination as well as security started switching to the BYOD approach. By adopting mobile communications platforms that put full remote administration and control on mobile apps while allowing easy adaptation of full BYOD support, healthcare providers were able to securely connect clinicians and patients. This approach created smart data synchronization techniques for efficient data access, allowing all sensitive information to be stored in a secure cloud-based repository instead of on an insecure mobile device.

Today, with the Internet of Things (IoT) penetrating the market, security has been redefined and BYOD has come to have a much larger implication in the healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare systems have now been configured to allow easy capturing, measuring and sharing of PHI from mobile devices, wearables, bedside monitors, home-based devices and enhanced appliances without any interference from the user. Successful BYOD implementation into healthcare mobile solutions ensures:

  • Secure wireless network infrastructure
  • Next generation security with HIPPA & HITECH compliance
  • Smart data synchronization & Role Based Access Control
  • Unified mobile and performance management
  • Network Access Control & full BYOD adaptation

Secure Healthcare Mobile Solutions and Services by Folio3

Folio3 has been providing secure healthcare mobility solutions across the healthcare industry for years. Specializing in full stack from server to mobile application design and development, we have been providing integration with 3rd party services, systems and healthcare ecosystems for agile management processes. The development experience of working on global healthcare projects of various scales and complexities has led us to build solutions for major healthcare organizations, having built third party integration for industry names like HipLink, TigerText, Spok, Voatle, Dochalo and PerfectServe. When you partner with Folio3, rest assure that our dedicated team will use cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best performance and high-standard security to provide data protection for your organization.

Our expert development team possesses rich experience in delivering secure solutions to help hospitals, healthcare organizations and providers in optimizing their workflow and achieve efficient outcomes. At Folio3, we grant our clients secure healthcare mobility solutions for HIPAA-HITECH compliant data exchange based on the latest industry standards. Our expertise embraces both complex mobile application development and mobility solutions for various healthcare organizations, whether small clinics or large-scale hospitals, providing fully functional solutions from the ground up.



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