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Faster Development and More Reliable Solutions with Web Services Automation Testing

Automation Testing Services by Folio3 minimize regression testing time and reducing time-to-market for your applications with notable cost savings and on a long term basis. Our strategy for automation testing and roadmap helps you make sure that you get the right return on the investments that you make on your new applications. Our automation testing services are designed to speed up your testing cycles, thereby giving you the speed and agility you need to make quick software roll outs and stay ahead of the curve. 

Develop Effective Automated Test Scripts

Fully Assess Every Test Cycle

Produce Better Quality Software, Faster

Rapidly Build Test Automation Environments

Our Services

Our Test Automation Services Offer

Our automation testing experts can assist you at any stage, whether its automating regression sets or designing and executing new test scripts. At Folio3, we ensure that the whole testing process is accurate, reliable, and gives you the edge in quality that you need. Our services include:

End-to-end Testing Strategy Development

Functional Testing

Smoke Testing

Regression Testing

API Testing

Automated Test Data Generation

Automated UI Testing

Test Scripts Migration from Other Platforms

How It Works

Our Test Automation Process


In the discovery phase, we identify client requirements like the testing scope, compliances needed, and performances levels expected.

Testing Strategy

In this stage we develop the testing strategy based on requirements with a comprehensive roadmap of the tests and deliverables

Set up & Handover

Here we ensure that all the required assets and information like access credentials, test environments, and SoPs are shared and teams synced


Once the testing is done, we deliver a detailed assessment report that outlines findings with potential threats.

Future Roadmap

After identifying the vulnerabilities and threats, we communicate possible solutions and create a roadmap for fixes or any further testing (if any).

automation testing services


Benefits of Automation Testing

Automation testing delivers the speed and reliability you need during software development. During development cycles, restful web services automation testing have to be repeated over and over to ensure quality and automation is the only way to do it quickly and efficiently as manual testing will eat up a lot of time and cost. Not only web services automation testing using selenium is more accurate but they can increase the depth and scope of testing, executing thousands of complex test cases in each run.

  • It saves money and time.
  • Boosts test coverage, efficiency, and effectiveness of your application and software.
  • It helps you to reduce manual interventions.
  • It provides you accurate and consistent results.
  • Boosts testing speed and reduce development time.
  • It helps you to save expenses of labor by running test scripts. The execution can be done on multiple systems with a different configuration.

Frameworks We Love

Frameworks We Work with for Automation Testing

We work with most popular and reliable tools/frameworks for automation testing.

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