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We are alums of Intel, Silicon Graphics, and Qualcomm; techies from MIT and Caltech entrepreneurs and inventors from Silicon Valley; enthusiasts for all things digital; big believers in technology’s potential; bigger believers in human potential.

Services We Offer


“Folio3 Quality Assurance as a service & Testing team consists of highly skilled computer science graduates who have experience with today’s in-demand testing tools, techniques and are capable to provide top-notch Quality assurance services.

Whether it’s a mobile application, web application, ERP or a complex enterprise we have the expertise to thoroughly test your application against the requirements and from end-users perspective as we are the pioneers of quality testing services in town!

QA outsourcing not only allows to focus on product development but allows businesses to minimize employee onboarding time and completely eliminates the need to scout, interview, and hire QA engineers for your in-house team.

Cut costs, save time, start testing.”

We at Folio3 believe in ‘Doing the basics right’ and that is what makes us follow the best industry practices to reduce the possible application failures at later stages. Our team of experienced quality assurance as a service resources with strong manual testing concepts, not only spot bugs early in the development cycle but also help teams avoid complications in the development process by using smart Manual testing tools, making it more thoughtful and productive from the early stages to the final release. The smart approach of our skilled team members have the capability to provide the most reliable manual testing services.

In today’s competitive environment automated software testing plays a vital role in the success or failure or any project, If implemented correctly it gives you the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. Test automation is actually a set of pre-written scripts executed automatically and does all the job by themselves without any human intervention, thus reduces the risk of human error specially while working in competitive environment.

In today’s competitive environment automated software testing plays a vital role in making a project touch the peaks of success. If implemented correctly the benefits such as speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision can be enjoyed while testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. Test automation is actually a set of pre-written scripts executed automatically and does all the job by themselves without any human intervention, thus reduces the risk of human error specially while working in competitive environment.

Automation is a tool of immense power and if implemented the right way can work wonders for large scale as well as mid-scaled projects. To make sure that this tool has been used in the right way, reliable automation testing services are required. Folio3 has some of top testers on-board who have the potential to implement innovative automation frameworks by using the most advanced and effective Automation testing tools. Along with our first-rate automation testing services, we provide mobile automation testing as well as the automated website testing.

Folio3, the automation specialists, offer a comprehensive range of automation testing services to meet the goal of increasing velocity throughout the software development life cycle;

Our Approach to Test Automation:

  • Test automation feasibility study and ROI analysis.
  • Test automation tool evaluation and selection.
  • Test automation framework design and implementation.
  • Test automation scripting and execution.

On-Demand Testing Services

Multiple situations can call for on-demand testing. Such requests are often made by teams close to releasing a product and needing additional resources for their QA team. Others don’t necessarily have an internal QA team, but wisely judge best to run tests before publishing their product. Others receive users’ complaints on a released product and want to show they are reactive to their customers’ feedback.

On-demand testing services promises to transform the way product development groups and IT houses buy testing services and manage their QA budgets. This model allows a shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, thereby drastically reducing your QA budgets, reducing IT maintenance overhead, and eliminating the need for IT and Testing staff to install and configure multiple test environments and tools.

On-demand software testing is required when an unexpected project or a change in delivery schedule leaves you short of the software QA talent you need to deliver as promised.

We can help you with as little as few day’s advance notice with no long term contracts.

Folio3 has a bench team of talented Software Test Engineers. We keep a bench available for Surge Testing for our clients. We can use this bench of Test Engineers to work on yours on demand software testing project.

  • Rapid Ramp-Up Approach
  • Custom Reporting and Adjustment
  • Personal project manager

Products we test

  • Desktop Softwares
  • Custom Applications
  • iOS applications
  • Android applications
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Windows Phone applications
  • Websites

Quality assurance consulting, often referred to as quality systems consulting or quality management consulting, is in great demand—and with good reason. Today’s manufacturers/service providers face intense pressure to comply with an endless array of regulations, standards and quality initiatives from regulators around the world. In addition, consumers expect them to provide better, cheaper products/services.

While there are many Quality Assurance consultancy services around, you must always look for one which practices a cooperative approach to consultation and does not impose its own view on you. It is always best to find a solution which is most suitable and therefore unique to your conditions. The companies insisting on a single blanket package must be avoided by all means.

Software quality assurance (SQA) consists of a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. This encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as:

  • Requirements definition
  • Software design
  • Source code control
  • Code reviews
  • Software configuration management
  • Release management
  • Product integration

Our QA experts at Folio3 will be not only forcing the industry best practices but also would propose relevant and relatable plans to improve the processes to maintain a high quality of your delivered services.

Folio3 can also provide a range of consulting services to help you to optimize your Quality Assurance Cycle with a following methodology in place:

Roadmap-To-Resolution Plans

We take the time to understand exactly where your pain is, and tailor our services to specifically solve its root cause.  The resulting “roadmap” is your customized solution, and our expert personnel will be with you every step of the way towards its resolution.

Metrics-Driven Methodology

Our methodology isn’t based on arbitrary “expertise”; it’s based on the proven processes and historical data that have helped safeguard countless other projects since we were founded over 15 years ago.

Areas Of Expertise


Whether its a mobile application, web application, ERP solution or a complex enterprise application, we have pool of expert resources to thoroughly test your application against your functional and non-functional requirements. With every test cycle you will receive a detailed bug report together with recommendations and the detected risks, to make your product’s performance even better.

With over 10 years of testing experience, we have enhanced our testing workflows to get maximum coverage in minimum time. Our test processes are customized to facilitate project team in improving overall quality and test cases are aimed not only at identifying existing bugs but also serve to improve user experience, in order to make your products engaging, intelligent, and ambitious.


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