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Integration Solutions for Bedside Patient Monitoring, Nurse Calling Systems & Staff Communications

Bedside and patient monitoring is critical to patient care in the ER as well as the intensive care settings. Medical personals and hospital staff rely heavily on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to visualize and measure a patient’s health. Clinical decisions are often compromised when vital healthcare data is inaccurate, incomplete or delayed, making the hassle of manual data gathering a necessity and negatively impacting a hospital’s performance. But bedside patient monitoring systems are not just required for patients in trauma. These are also used for long-term patient monitoring for vital signs to prevent complications and ensure full recovery.

Critical care and bedside monitoring systems like those offered by Fukuda Denshi are providing innovative solutions to physicians and hospitals around the world. By connecting technology to patient care in healthcare organizations, these bedside patient monitoring systems are able to deliver comprehensive functionality for patient well-being as bedside monitor integration solutions ensure that the information provided through these systems are secure and reliable.


Additionally, hospitals also require remote patient monitoring devices along with a comprehensive line of patient monitors and nurse calling systems. These systems are imperative for streamlined workflow and improved patient care. The innovative Nurse Calling System (NCS) products like wireless paging and IP-DECT infrastructures provided by Ascom offer highly scalable and unparalleled secure radio interface. These on-premises wireless communication solutions enable organizations to extend their reach by delivering enterprise-grade wireless technology to ensure improved communication and patient care. Available in both wired and wireless models, NCS are ideal for nursing homes and hospitals that enable real-time logging of the patient calls for the nurses, providing them with detailed report of services rendered to the patients.

Top hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world are now quickly adapting to Apple’s HealthKit for collecting data and monitoring patient’s remotely. Designed to house healthcare and fitness apps, the iOS HealthKit framework allows both types of applications to work together by collating data which can easily be shared with other apps and healthcare providers remotely while maintaining privacy.

Designing & Developing Integration Solutions by Folio3

At Folio3, we are committed to providing reliable and clinically focused systems and solutions that allow easy integration with a wide array of third party inpatient, outpatient and remote bedside patient monitoring systems environments. Our bedside medical device integration allows you to connect to precise and relevant clinical data so that you can deliver exceptional patient care and relevant healthcare information. We understand the importance of reliable bedside patient monitoring systems and are committed to providing professionals around the world with affordable and reliable solutions for bedside and remote patient monitoring devices.

Our expert team will design and develop bedside monitor integration solutions and remote patient monitoring solutions to automate the healthcare documentation processes across your hospital enterprise so you may safely and accurately deliver data from all connected medical devices to the EMR information system. We will work closely with your hospital and healthcare professionals to ensure safe system configuration, testing and deployment.

At Folio3, we provide more than just patient communication, offering our clients complete health data and patient telemetry aggregation, filtration and routing solutions. Our expert design team offers bedside medical device integration which supports the integration of bedside devices like heart rate monitors, oxygen level monitors, blood pressure monitors and other similar wireless and mobile devices with plug-and-play technology. Our bedside medical device integration supports custom HL7 feeds to multiple systems simultaneously which can be smoothly incorporated with powerful infrastructures so that patients, nursing staff and operators have the best possible protection.

Working to Deliver Endless Possibilities for a Customer Centric Approach

At Folio3, we develop and design integration solutions for an array of healthcare technologies with one purpose in mind – to get you the data you require easily, securely and quickly. We have worked with some of the world’s leading instrumentation and patient monitoring technology providers. Folio3 has provided bedside monitoring integration solutions for medical technology from Fukunda Denshi, offered system integration services for ASCOM’s wireless IPDECT structures and developed dependable non-invasive programs for the next-generation Myomo System.

The systems and apps we create at Folio3 integrate critical messaging, clinical workflows, real-time location and reporting into a single-source solution for an array of remote patient monitoring devices. Offering you seamless communication and delivering reliable performance, our bedside and remote patient integration solutions are designed to be highly scalable and expand with the growing needs of your customers.



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