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Field Automation Solutions

Eliminate the inaccuracies of manual data entry and hit higher sales with field force automation

Field force automation systems are offering companies a consistent platform across almost all kinds of handheld devices including Smartphone, tablets and PDAs by removing the hassle of manual paperwork and data entry. Effectively aiding companies in distributing their teams strategically across a territory, field automation software integration ensures the removal of delays, helping businesses improve their leads margin. Field automation technology is winning over companies from the utility and telecommunications industries across the globe because of its impressive processes. It is helping companies capture data, service information and even place orders on the go, offering valuable workforce solutions for a wide range of industries including:

  • Manufacturing & HVAC industry
  • Industrial engineering
  • Heavy equipment & mining industry
  • Healthcare & medical equipment
  • Telecommunications & cable industry
  • Field services & construction
  • Distribution service industry
  • Energy & utility service
  • Public & government sector
  • Facilities & asset management
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With a field service management software, reps in the field can easily access vital information in real time, tap into customer order histories, run credit card checks while ensuring that payments have gone through and SMS notifications or email confirmations have been received.
Here’s an example of some Field Automation solutions that Folio3 has built:

Growers Express

Field automation for the major agricultural company included customization, integration and suite of mobile solutions.

Progressive Beef

Automated iOS and web based solution for the quality management of animal feed yards in the bovine industry.


The web based quality management solution for pig farms that facilitates the monitoring and management of healthy pigs along with providing reporting features.


An android based mobile app that helps sales reps perform in-store activities, conduct surveys and compliance audits directly on their smartphones.

How it works?

Field force automation is a process that empowers field workers to have direct access to order information and work data from a handheld device which helps improve productivity and work efficiency. Networked organizations use a centralized server through which the admin assigns appointments or work orders to registered company field workers. Field workers are able to receive their daily appointments and tasks on their Smartphones or other devices through mobile based applications. Using internet, GPS services are used to determine the proximity of the field worker’s location which facilitates in accurately delivering or reassigning of tasks.

In one such instance, Folio3 developed and implemented a suite of web and mobile field automation solutions for FoodLink (formally known as TrueTrac). The award winning solution included a wide array of applications for FoodLink's agri-business clients, offering them product traceability compliance, secure food data storage, reporting, agriculture data collection and payroll management in real time. With this field automation solution, farmers are now able to easily trace fresh produce and connect suppliers directly with the consumers. The entire system from produce collection till sending out supplies and tracking food quantity remains automated, replacing the old paper-based ticketing and tagging.

How Field Automation helps

Field service management software or automation services enable companies to create an absolute workflow to deal with customer demands effectively. When field workers have access to real time customer data and preferences, they are able to make valuable service recommendations and offer personalized services which improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Field force automation software enables companies in retaining comprehensive histories of their customer orders, evaluate completed appointments and track field force performance, ensuring smooth flow of their business. Field force automation is helping companies to efficiently manage time, create effective employee coordination and develop interactive scheduling through a centralized network with an extended mobile based applications.

Field Automation Services

At Folio3, we provide customized field service management software solutions that enable companies to instantly improve their field team productivity and increase sales. Offering complete field force automation solutions and field service management software integration, we have been assisting small businesses and multinational corporations reduce company expenses by eliminating time consuming and manual data operations. Our partner companies have overcome challenges such as enlarging customer base and product catalog, expanding sales force and higher customer expectations.

Folio3’s expert field force automation team delivers competitive field service management software integration solutions that offer you benefits like:

  • Increased field rep productivity & reduced data-collection time
  • Elimination of paperwork & manual data entry hassle
  • Targeted field activities using time tracking & GPS monitoring features
  • Revenue & ROI boost with automated product catalogue & ordering tools
  • Greater usability with process guided task navigation for field reps
  • Optimized business operations with increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Dynamic scheduling & faster reporting for increased accuracy

Dynamic scheduling & faster reporting for increased accuracy

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