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Ensure Availability and Optimum Throughout with Our Performance Testing Services

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Ensure Availability and Optimum Throughput with Our Software Performance Testing Services

Folio3’s Performance Testing Services are designed to help clients evaluate and ensure critical performance of systems. Guaranteeing performance levels can be very difficult, our services test your application and critical system performance under anticipated, peak, and high load conditions. We work to find the maximum operating capability of your application and isolate issues that may cause degradation of service. We offer a complete solution to our clients from performance testing and problem detection all the way to corrective action.

Our Services

Our Performance Testing Services Offer

We have modelled our services to simulate real-life conditions that might occur during the everyday operations of your application. We offer a range of offerings that help analyze the capabilities of your applications in terms of reliability, stability, and availability.

Load Testing

Load Testing

We test your application under specific loads to understand behavior and reliability at peak times.

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing

We test your systems for reliability when under sustained usage for longer periods under significant loads.

Load Testing

Stress Testing

We evaluate how your system handles errors and measure its reliability when under extreme load conditions.

Volume Testing

Volume Testing

We test your systems reliability by flooding the software with huge amounts of data and monitor performance.

Soak Testing

Soak Testing

We verify your systems stability and performance over a larger timer period while holding a certain level of concurrent users.

Spike Testing

Spike Testing

​We test your application with a sudden and extreme increments/decrements in load to understand how the application recovers after a sudden spike of users.
Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing

We test how efficiently your application is able to perform when factors like user requests are scaled up.

Web Service Performance Testing

Web Service Performance Testing

We evaluate how your web services will perform under varying conditions in abrupt, extreme, and sustained conditions.

Performance Code Review

Performance Code Review

We review your application’s code to identify any performance hampering anomalies at the basic level.

How We Test Your Performance

Our Performance Load Testing Process


In the discovery phase, we gather requirements like the scope, compliance required, and performances standards expected.

Testing Strategy

Here, we formulate the testing strategy depending on the requirements backed by a comprehensive roadmap of the process and deliverables.

Set up & Handover

In this stage, we closely synchronize with the client and make sure that all the required assets and information like access credentials, test environments, and SoPs are shared.


After the testing is completed, we formulate and deliver a detailed report that outlines test findings with potential threats.

Future Roadmap

Once the vulnerabilities and threats are identified, we convey the possible solutions to the issues and deliver a roadmap for fixes or any further testing (if any).

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Benefits of Our Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is vital for any optimally functioning software; software that performs poorly ends up losing you users. Performance testing ensures that your applications run reliably at acceptable operational levels, thus boosting speed, accuracy, and the overall stability of the application.

  • Increase revenue by improving throughput and maximizing availability of systems
  • Improved customer service by greatly reducing transaction times and smooth
  • Operability of the system
  • Ready to scale at any time by being ready for surges in volume and enabling
  • Systems to handle larger loads
  • Reduce failure rate by reducing batch processing and reporting times
  • Optimize technology infrastructure costs by reducing your server footprint

Tools We Used for Performance Testing

Platforms We Work with for Web Security Testing

Folio3 Quality Assurance as a service & Testing company consists of highly skilled computer science graduates who have experience with today’s in-demand testing tools, techniques and are capable to provide top-notch Quality assurance services.

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Performance testing involves testing application systems under extreme loads and studying how they behave under those conditions.

Throughput is the amount of data flowing through your application or system over a certain period of time. For example, a certain number of transactions per second.

JMeter is a tool that is used to test the performance of both static resources (e.g. JavaScript and HTML) and dynamic resources (e.g. JSP, Servlets, and AJAX). JMeter can help you discover the max number of concurrent users your application can sustain and produce a graphical performance report. There are a lot of simple tutorials available that can help your use JMeter.
Latency is the time it takes for a systems communicate back and forth, that is the time from when the first request is sent to when the response is received. It is also referred to as “time to first byte”.

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