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We are expert app developers with extensive experience in creating innovative and feature-rich native mobile apps for a user-friendly experience on iOS devices. Utilizing the Flutter Framework by Google, we can develop an MVP for your app quickly while targeting iOS, android, and web users.

At Folio3, we combine our expertise in development and cross-platform knowledge to design apps with superior features and a unique client-centric approach.

Flutter App Development

Why Choose Flutter

Flutter is framework by Google that enables developers to create apps that are beautifully built and natively compiled for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. Flutter is very fast to build with and it works perfectly for both android and iOS.

With widgets out of the box and architecture based on reactive programming, Flutter apps are super responsive and deliver perfect usability to users. This new technology has some serious advantages over other android and iOS SDKs.

Fast Development

Build native interfaces in minutes with a rich set of fully-customizable widgets.

Expressive & Flexible UI

Create customizable and incredibly flexible designs with fast rendering with the framework’s layered architecture.

Native Performance

Flutter uses all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts to ensure native performance levels.

Support Native Modules

Flutter works with cameras, network, geolocation, and storage perfectly.

Less Code

You can practically reutilize 100% of the code between the iOS and android apps leading to faster.

Hot Reload

Apply every feature and fix in seconds and see the changes in the app immediately.

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Success Stories

An award winning, cross platform app for the Public Authority for Consumer Protection.
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Beef Program App
A cross platform solution for the quality management of animal feed yards in the bovine industry. The app facilitates the management of the feed yard’s day to day quality assurance activities, SOPs & maintenance.
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Propel Fuel
A cross platform app for iOS & Android app that provides users with locations of nearby gas stations selling E85 Flex Fuel and clean diesel, along with pricing information.
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Why Choose Us?

Folio3 is a renowned mobile application development company, specializing in building highly fluid and scalable apps for enterprises and startups. We have years of experience in designing, developing and deploying mobile applications for major industries and businesses across the globe.

We offer app development services for a broad range of industries including business, finance, gaming, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, security and many more. Our team of expert app developers has unmatched skills to develop and design apps compatible with a diverse range of devices, ensuring high-quality user experience and offering exceptional services in:

360-Degree solutions
Seamless In-house development
Customized & scalable approach
Competitive pricing & delivery
Proven methodologies
Enterprise app solutions
Flexible engagement models
24/7 Technical support


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