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Our Digital Discovery Program

Based on over 10 years of mobile app development experience, our Digital Discovery Program uses the lean startup approach to quickly determine the usability and effectiveness of a mobile app concept.
Each app concept is visualized via wireframes then prototyped and put to real usage to gather user feedback. Based on this data, the app flow and functionality are either refined or pivoted to a different solution to effectively address the identified need.

How Our Digital Discovery Program Works

Folio3’s App Discovery Program is a 6-8 weeks workshop where our tech and UX experts work with clients to define their product development strategy, user personas, and business goals. We use the Lean Startup Approach to transform business needs and ideas into an actionable product roadmap. Therefore, reducing any redundancies that may cause wastage of time and resources down the road.

Prototype Creation
Analyze & Iterate

Innovation Workshop

The App Discovery Program begins with the innovation workshop, a series of brainstorming sessions where we assess business needs, discuss potential app concepts that can fulfill those needs and select the best ones (3 to 6) for wire-framing and prototyping (wireframes are developed within 24 hours using tools like Axure, Balsamiq, etc.).

Mobile app visualization and discovery


These prototypes are essentially clickable mockups of the proposed app ideas that simulate the actual app’s user experience, by providing a minimum set of features that the user can try out, using dummy data & simple back end logic.

The prototypes are given to a few early adopters to try out and their feedback gathered via surveys, built-in analytics, interviews and observations of user behavior.

Iterate & Finalize

Based on this feedback and user experience data, we deliver a final clickable prototype of the app, along with a proposal and architecture for the actual app’s build-out.


Should you choose to move ahead, we build out the complete app and backend for you and deploy it in your production environment.


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360-Degree Solutions
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