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We offer insightful solutions and recommendations to overcome your mobile app challenges – A couple of sessions and our experts will have a detailed plan for an enhanced mobile app for you to roll out swiftly and smoothly.

Step 1: Discovery

Our auditors effectively assess the product design and technology and compile a detailed report on the findings, along with a defined roadmap on how to accomplish the set objectives.

Product Strategy & Expectations

The product strategy, performance, and the existing features are analyzed, keeping the product expectations in mind.

Process & Workflows

User environment and scenarios around the product are evaluated and findings discussed with your team to ensure that all on the same page.

User Personas & Usage

Different users and their characteristics are discussed to better understand the usability of the product.

Existing Issues & Vision

User and employee feedback are utilized, along with our findings to identify gaps.

Step 2: Analysis

Once the expected product has been defined, we review the user experience, code quality, and existing technology in great detail.

Technology Review

Software architecture and design are studied to find out underlying issues that may impact the usability and scalability of the product.

User Experience Review

The mobile app’s interface and user experience are examined in relation to general principles, usability guidelines, and best UI practices.

Quality Assurance

Product’s functionality and quality issues are highlighted by evaluating the application code, workflows, and conducting rigorous end-to-end Q/A testing.

Step 3: Reporting

We deliver a comprehensive report outlining your app’s performance and scalability bottlenecks including actionable recommendations on technology and product improvements.

Technology Feedback

In order to provide a clear view of the improvements that can be brought about, findings of comprehensive reviews of the app, its backend and services are delivered.

Usability Factor

UX feedback, along with usability and product branding issues are compiled in a report so that the UX can be reinvented for an enhanced and superior app experience.

Bug Report

QA report is delivered that identifies problems without having to conduct deep or root cause analysis. This will cover not only bugs that were identified but also performance report and automation recommendations.

Step 4: Roadmap

A plan addressing both design and technology issues, along with a roadmap for continued product improvement is delivered. The proposal will cover the following:

Product Enhancement

Refactoring, along with changes required in UI and features


Roadmap based on a month by month plan

Product Management

KPIs, analytics, retention, LTV, LTV:CAC and other assessments

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We ensure high-performance delivery and deployment of our applications to ensure the highest ROI. Our comprehensive app development services include:

360-Degree solutions
360-Degree solutions
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Proven methodologies
Enterprise app solutions
Flexible engagement models
24/7 Technical support
24/7 Technical support


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