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NativeScript is an open source framework that enables the development of native mobile apps with Angular, Typescript or JaveScript. This adaptable framework requires only a one-time creation and can run everywhere. Now you can get native UI performance for Windows, Android and iOS applications from a cross-platform NativeScript framework by leveraging JavaScript, XML, and CSS.

Designed to give 100% performance, the NativeScript apps have revolutionized the creation of mobile apps as well as IoT products. From lists to powerful graphs and charts, the NativeScript apps framework helps create a robust set of animations which are implemented in pure CSS. NativeScript app development continues to evolve, offering a user-friendly app experience and high performing NativeScript apps. Businesses across the world are readily leveraging NativeScript app development solutions and expanding their brand’s capabilities as well as reach across platforms.

For a Truly Native User Experience

NativeScript is preferred the world over for the elegance and simplicity it offers to build truly native, cross-platform professional NativeScript apps. Unlike other hybrid frameworks, the NativeScript apps use a single native code set with a user interface designed in XML markup which is converted to native iOS and Android equivalent at compile time, making it compatible for both platforms.

NativeScript is the future of cross-platform app development as the NativeScript apps framework give developers more functionality without the need for any prior knowledge of iOS and/or Android platforms. As a runtime technology, NativeScript gives better performance, because unlike other hybrid frameworks it does not use web technology and will not run like a mini website. One of the user-friendly benefits that NativeScript offers is its ability to push minor updates without republishing the whole mobile application.

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NativeScript App Development by Folio3

Whether you need NativeScript’s iOS or Android apps developed, we ensure the progression of a flawless and hassle-free process from ideation to the store deployment phase. Companies that require a mobile application which will work well on both Android and iOS platforms no longer have to hire a multi-platform skillset developer. Now you can just hire a developer for NativeScript app development and get an app created for both platforms from the same code set.

At Folio3, we have years of experience in building, developing and supporting NativeScript apps. From conceptualizing to deployment, we have the expertise to build NativeScript iOS apps and NativeScript Android apps for businesses who want to leverage the cross-platform framework to build powerful mobile applications. When you hire our developers for NativeScript app development, you gain instant access to:

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Comprehensive Hybrid App Development Solutions

At Folio3, we specialize in providing NativeScript app development solutions in-tune with your business goals and objectives. We offer hybrid apps for a range of industries including banking, finance, healthcare, education, small businesses, and various startup sectors. Our expert NativeScript app development services ensure consistent user experience and performance, offering the best platform-specific functionality and user interface that NativeScript apps can offer.


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