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HTML5 framework offers a simple alternative to native app development processes, with advanced capabilities of streamlining videos, audio, other graphics data, and support. Generally integrated with CSS or JavaScript to enhance performance capabilities, HTML5 application development offers added semantic elements as well as several multimedia functionalities.

Many companies turn to HTML5 application development to streamline the implementation of apps across multiple platforms, reducing cost and lessening complexity. Like their better native apps counterparts, HTML5 application development offers the ‘write once and run anywhere’ ease. This platform-agnostic framework, when brought together with native apps, can create a powerful hybrid mobile app framework that enhances performance, capabilities and mobile responsiveness of an HTML5 app.

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Folio3 has a proven track record of delivering hundreds of unique and versatile HTML5 mobile apps to clients across the globe. Our innovative, robust and scalable HTML5 application development services are responsible for building new-age HTML5 mobile apps that are feature-rich, innovative, and game-changers for our clients. This is why our dedicated HTML5 application development team of experts strives to serve you with diverse HTML5 apps that are purpose-built and fully featured. Our team of HTML5 mobile app developers has unparalleled skills to develop and design apps compatible with a diverse range of devices, ensuring high-quality user experience and offering outstanding services in:
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Success Stories

An award winning, Sencha based cross platform app for the Public Authority for Consumer Protection.
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Beef Program App
A Sencha-based solution for the quality management of animal feed yards in the bovine industry. The app facilitates the management of the feed yard’s day to day quality assurance activities, SOPs & maintenance.
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Pig Program App
A Sencha-based quality management solution for pig farms that facilitates the monitoring and management of healthy pigs along with providing reporting features for the animals’ veterinary diagnosis and drug administration.
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Propel Fuel
A Sencha based, cross platform app for iOS & Android app that provides users with locations of nearby gas stations selling E85 Flex Fuel and clean diesel, along with pricing information.
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Throw Motion
An app for ‘next-generation’ web-connected table games
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Folio3 is a premier HTML5 app development company that has been creating HTML5 Android iOS mobile apps and serves a broad range of clientele across the world. HTML5 web application development, HTML5 Android app and HTML5 iOS app development are our strong suit. With us, you can be sure that app performance and mobile-responsiveness will never be compromised on.


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