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Optimize business operations and processes at a whole new level

Over time enterprises, both medium-sized and large, tend to face increased complexity with legacy application that often results in fragile systems, making system interconnectivity a major challenge. Enterprise integration, therefore, becomes crucial to retain organizational agility for enabling better decision making and for boosting productivity. At Folio3, we ensure that integration is a simplified process that provides you the ease of unifying various applications, systems and databases across your enterprise. With our seamless integration solutions, your enterprise gains a robust system and software which enables efficient system interconnectivity, making you better equipped to handle numerous data resources, format and protocols while taking on the challenge of system orchestration. Our array of services ranges from design and development of:

Allow your Business to Meet Today’s Market Challenges Head -on

Our enterprise mobility management solutions ensure simplified deployment, enhanced security and effective management while offering expertise for an array of verticals, including:

Digital Marketing Solutions

We have been providing companies with the best digital exposure that they deserve with our engaging strategies and winning solutions with a range of services including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, web design and web development.

Healthcare Solutions

Folio3 has helped hundreds of global health care providers, hospitals, health insurers and life sciences organizations in accelerating innovation and improving patient care outcomes with custom HL7, FHIR and EHR integration solutions and implementation.

Cloud Based Solutions

Ranging from full applications to development platforms, database, data storage and CRM, our cloud based services for SaaS will enable you to securely access data from anywhere, gain scalability, increase productivity and lower costs at an organizational level.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Get end-to-end solutions for scalable enterprise mobility management with special focus on improved customer engagement and innovative technology to empower your company with cutting edge 360-degree solutions for your future centric business processes.

Internet of Things

Empower your business with an IOT application engineered by our expert team of IOT developers to provide your customers with an innovative wearable device app that bridges the gap between the real world and digital while offering a whole new experience.

What makes us the Best Enterprise Software & Integration Solutions Provider?

The coherent framework of enterprise software and integration solutions by Folio3 enables you to integrate a diverse range of data, both internally and externally, so you are able to share an integrated information infrastructure through mission-critical applications like CRM, complex dashboards and reporting systems. Businesses are now rapidly turning to enterprise software solutions to eliminate point-to-point integration issues with robust integration systems and applications, which is helping organizations in gaining business agility and providing high level insights to make well-informed decisions.

With Folio3’s enterprise software and integration solutions, you become capable of addressing the challenges associated with your organization’s various communication channels while protecting data separately through a secure system integration across your enterprise, as it allows you to:

  • Enable secure access to apps & productivity resources
  • Provide secure interconnectivity for processes & systems
  • Manage deployments from a single console
  • Improve productivity by enabling communications
  • Ensure complete data security & accurate data
  • Get real time updates to ensure business process accuracy
  • Coordinate business processes through automation
  • Quarantine non-compliant and rooted devices
  • Employ message routing & data transformation
  • Add end-to-end ecosystem protection and high availability
What makes us the Best Enterprise Software & Integration Solutions Provider?

Our Success Stories

Expert Mobile Management Solutions by Folio3

Secure Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions by Folio3

Folio3 offers simplified and secure enterprise mobility management solutions for your entire fleet, giving you the power to protect your enterprise information by providing endpoint support from a single management console while increasing productivity by keeping your whole organization connected and offering complete protection of your corporate data with enterprise security.

Some of our customers success stories

Conversations that Matter

Web application to make your conversations smarter, intelligent and more productive with the use of Machine
Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP technological concepts.

Conversations that Matter

Standard Chartered Bank

A suite of innovative productivity apps to make employees happier.

Standard Chartered Bank


Secure, wireless alert management system used by Fortune 500 companies, governments, healthcare providers and
emergency services.


Bitzer (Acquired by Oracle)

A secure, multi-platform (Blackberry, iOS, Android) native mobile app for accessing enterprise data.

Bitzer (Acquired by Oracle)


Developed iOS and Android apps for the Kabuto collaboration platform.



An award winning, Sencha based cross platform app for the Public Authority for Consumer Protection.


Beef Program App

A Sencha-based solution for the quality management of animal feed yards in the bovine industry. The app facilitates the management of the feed yard’s day to day quality assurance activities, SOPs & maintenance.

Beef Program App

Pig Program App

A Sencha-based quality management solution for pig farms that facilitates the monitoring and management of healthy pigs along with providing reporting features for the animals’ veterinary diagnosis and drug administration.

Pig Program App


Developed two cutting-edge Android apps for easy management of the mPower 1000 – Robotic arm.


Customer Support App

A one on one customer support app for the iPhone that connects consumers to businesses and enables consumers to provide their feedback and report issues/complaints directly to businesses via unstructured, instant messages and get follow-ups in the same manner.

Customer Support App

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