jquery vs react

Jquery Vs. React: Which One Is The Best Option To Create An App For Business?

By: Folio3 | December 13, 2020
React and jQuery and libraries of Javascript that are known for delivering comparable results via different methods. Both of these libraries feature...
Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

What is Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

By: Muhammad Saqlain | December 2, 2020
Reduced size of application & improved performance plays an important role in success of a software. Tree Shaking is a concept in...
Flatlist in React Native

What is Flatlist and how to use Flatlist in React Native

By: Nimra Saad | November 9, 2020
React native is the most evolving technology nowadays. It provides many built-in components. One of the important and useful components is Flatlist....
ionic vs react native

Ionic VS. React Native – Best Option To Set Up An App For Business

By: Folio3 | November 6, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Ionic And React Native? For building unique and responsive applications, there are the two most popular options...

How to reduce apk size in React Native

By: Hassan Abbas | November 2, 2020
When we develop an app using React Native, we want to make sure that our app can run on as many different...
first modal popup in react native

Create your first modal popup in react native

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 27, 2020
React native offers a list of reusable components to select from. Using these reusable components saves time and avoids duplication. However, developers...
Custom React-Native Alert

How to use custom react-native alert?

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 22, 2020
React native provides a variety of core components that we can use readily while creating screens for application. Developers can easily create...
Beautiful Animations in React Native

Beautiful Animations in React Native

By: Zayan Tharani | October 12, 2020
With the increased number of applications on Google Play Store and App Store, it has become an extremely difficult task for mobile...
Login via Fingerprint in React Native

Login via Fingerprint in React Native

By: Syeda Maidah Rizvi | March 12, 2020
To keep up with the latest technology fingerprint authentication has become extremely popular in mobile apps these days. It secures the app...