Fetching Data from Google Fit into a React Native Application

By: Folio3 | September 21, 2021
New applications bring new features and new features bring change in our lives. In this blog, we will be discussing a feature...

Integration of Google drive API with React Native

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Air Updates in React Native

Over The Air Updates in React-Native

By: Zayan Tharani | February 9, 2021
Deploying a new build is always a hassle and time-consuming task. Consider a scenario QA reports a bug and all you need...

How to measure React app performance

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jquery vs react

Jquery Vs. React: Which One Is The Best Option To Create An App For Business?

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Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

What is Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

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Flatlist in React Native

What is Flatlist and how to use Flatlist in React Native

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Ionic VS. React Native – Best Option To Set Up An App For Business

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What Is The Difference Between Ionic And React Native? For building unique and responsive applications, there are the two most popular options...

How to reduce apk size in React Native

By: Hassan Abbas | November 2, 2020
When we develop an app using React Native, we want to make sure that our app can run on as many different...