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Communication Design Patterns in iOS
By: Muhammad Wasi Tariq | November 22, 2019
Every iOS and macOS application has both loosely coupled and tightly coupled entities that need to communicate in order to complete a...
Six essential design tips for Apple Watch app development
By: Muhammad Bilal | November 5, 2019
Apple Watch Apps present great levels of engagement by weaving app experiences on a truly mobile and on-the-go platform. But all the...
Must-Have Features in a Field Sales App
By: Dawood Khan | October 31, 2019
Regardless of company size and industry type, if you employ or are a part of a sales team, you know the wonders...
Kotlin vs Groovy – The Ultimate Comparison
By: Harris Das | October 25, 2019
Kotlin is an open-source language, which was developed by JetBrains in 2012. It is a high-level, statically typed programming language that runs...
Automation Testing with IBM Rational Functional Tester
By: Moin Uddin | October 3, 2019
IBM Rational Functional tester commonly known as (IBM RFT) is one of the most advanced and object-oriented testing tools for functional and...
How React Native App Development Can Help Reduce Cost
By: Dawood Khan | September 30, 2019
Coding a program or an app is a long and difficult task. Besides the enormous amount of technical expertise required, both iOS...
How to Launch an App the Right Way
By: Dawood Khan | September 12, 2019
The mobile app development market has become an increasingly competitive arena over the years. Businesses are facing a more challenging environment than...
Integrating Firebase with React Native (iOS and Android)
By: Saeed | September 6, 2019
Although known mostly for its authentication services, firebase also comes with other powerful functionalities like, push notifications, analytics, crash reports, and much...
How to go from idea to app: building the right feature set
By: Dawood Khan | August 29, 2019
Building an app is not a complicated affair if done the right way and for the right reasons. If you want to...
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