Fetching Data from Google Fit into a React Native Application

By: Folio3 | September 21, 2021
New applications bring new features and new features bring change in our lives. In this blog, we will be discussing a feature...

Integration of Google drive API with React Native

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React native has been one of the successful Mobile app framework that allows to create applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS,...

Responsive UI with Flutter

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Top 5 C# Programming Techniques

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As a mid-level programmer, I always think about being more productive and optimized in my regular day jobs. C# and .NET are...

Leaflet: An Alternative to React Google Maps with Search Functionality

By: Faria Ejaz | October 27, 2020
For quite some time, I have been looking for a free and open-source alternative to Google map, because it started showing me...
how to use picker in react native

How to use picker in react native

By: Muhammad Ahmed Mallick | October 6, 2020
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Mobile App Business Plan

How to Write Mobile App Business Plan

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Over the last decade, technology has witnessed a swift advancement audaciously. We have seen an immense shift in the evolution of technology...
How do apps make money

How Do Free Apps Make Money on Android and iOS

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Most of the free apps make money from the digital advertisements they show after every few minutes, which may give them revenue...
IT Outsourcing Mexico

7 Reasons for Outsourcing Software Development to Mexico in 2020

By: Folio3 | April 20, 2020
In today’s day and age, companies must necessarily engage in mobile application development to stay relevant and abreast of the competition. However,...