Leaflet: An Alternative to React Google Maps with Search Functionality

By: Faria Ejaz | October 27, 2020
For quite some time, I have been looking for a free and open-source alternative to Google map, because it started showing me...
how to use picker in react native

How to use picker in react native

By: Muhammad Ahmed Mallick | October 6, 2020
Technological trends are rapidly evolving and bringing newer trends. React Native, a library started as an experimental stance now has a huge...
Mobile App Business Plan

How to Write Mobile App Business Plan

By: Folio3 | May 18, 2020
Over the last decade, technology has witnessed a swift advancement audaciously. We have seen an immense shift in the evolution of technology...
How do apps make money

How Do Free Apps Make Money on Android and iOS

By: Folio3 | May 8, 2020
Most of the free apps make money from the digital advertisements they show after every few minutes, which may give them revenue...
IT Outsourcing Mexico

7 Reasons for Outsourcing Software Development to Mexico in 2020

By: Folio3 | April 20, 2020
In today’s day and age, companies must necessarily engage in mobile application development to stay relevant and abreast of the competition. However,...
nearshore vs onshore vs offshore development

What Is the Difference Between Nearshore and Onshore and Offshore Development

By: Folio3 | April 16, 2020
Nearshore development means outsourcing to a company, which is in the same region as yours. These countries usually do not have a...
Protect An App Idea

How To Protect An App Idea

By: Folio3 | April 14, 2020
Is there any way you can protect your app idea from being filched? Of course, there are numerous steps you can take...
Managing Offshore Teams(1)

Best Practices for Managing an Offshore Development Team

By: Folio3 | April 10, 2020
The term ‘offshore development’ is the outsourcing of the project or some tasks to a third-party agency in another geographical region. It...
turn on/off developer options

How to turn on-off developer options in Android

By: Harris Das | March 16, 2020
Android OS supports several advanced settings dedicatedly for app developers named as Developer Options. The Developer options is hidden by default to...