How to Outsource App Development

How To Outsource Mobile App Development

By: Folio3 | March 24, 2020
How To Outsource Mobile App Outsource mobile app development in 6 easy steps Outline your requirements.Search for experience relevant to your field.Get...
Apache Solr Vs Elasticsearch

Apache Solr Vs Elasticsearch: Making the right choice

By: Hammad Shabbir | March 23, 2020
So, you are looking for a best search engine that will meet your requirements? In such situation there are a lot of...
staff augmentation vs consulting

What is Better: Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting Services?

By: Folio3 | March 19, 2020
With an ever competitive economy, businesses are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional hiring, as a means to save on cost. In...
turn on/off developer options

How to turn on-off developer options in Android

By: Noc Folio3 | March 16, 2020
Android OS supports several advanced settings dedicatedly for app developers named as Developer Options. The Developer options is hidden by default to...
Login via Fingerprint in React Native

Login via Fingerprint in React Native

By: Syeda Maidah Rizvi | March 12, 2020
To keep up with the latest technology fingerprint authentication has become extremely popular in mobile apps these days. It secures the app...
React native vs Swift

React Native vs Swift: Which One is Best to Create an iOS App?

By: Folio3 | March 10, 2020
React Native is an open-source portable application system created by Facebook, introduced around June 2013. React native has ever since become one...
make app like Instagram

How to make a social media app like Instagram

By: Folio3 | March 5, 2020
Instagram is a popular social media app focused on promoting communication through images and videos rather than just text. Not only can...