Protect An App Idea
How To Protect An App Idea
By: Syed Shariq Ehsan | April 14, 2020
Is there any way you can protect your app idea from being filched? Of course, there are numerous steps you can take...
Managing Offshore Teams(1)
Best Practices for Managing an Offshore Development Team
By: Iqra Aziz | April 10, 2020
The term ‘offshore development’ is the outsourcing of the project or some tasks to a third-party agency in another geographical region. It...
How to Outsource App Development
How To Outsource Mobile App Development
By: Syed Shariq Ehsan | March 24, 2020
How To Outsource Mobile App Outsource mobile app development in 6 easy steps Outline your requirements.Search for experience relevant to your field.Get...
make app like Instagram
How to make a social media app like Instagram
By: Taimoor Malik | March 5, 2020
Instagram is a popular social media app focused on promoting communication through images and videos rather than just text. Not only can...
Web Application Ideas
What are Trending Software Web App Ideas in 2020
By: Taimoor Malik | February 18, 2020
As new apps enter the market, it becomes increasingly tricky to find a good idea worth selling. As an app developer, you...
What is AWS codepipeline
What is AWS codepipeline and what does AWS codepipeline do in app development?
By: Taimoor Malik | February 11, 2020
In today’s century, business applications must be progressed quickly in order to meet customer needs. Companies that can rapidly deliver software updates...
kotlin vs java which is better
Kotlin vs java 2020: Which Is Better for Your Business
By: Taimoor Malik | January 30, 2020
Whenever we hear about the development of an androidapplication, the only programming language that comes in our minds is Java.This is actually...
react native vs reactjs
ReactJS Vs React Native: What’s the difference and how to make the right choice?
By: Taimoor Malik | January 30, 2020
React Native and ReactJS both are technologies for mobileand web development which were introduced by Facebook. Jordan Walke, in 2011,started the project...