Vue vs React

Vue VS. React – Crowning the King of Web App Development in 2021

By: Folio3 | November 30, 2020
In a world driven by technology, everything is under the strong influence of digitalization. Being in the digital era has added a...
best tips to Create Cool Animations Using Lottie Android

Create Cool Animations Using Lottie Android

By: Muhammad Haris Bin Abid | November 27, 2020
Creating beautiful and appealing UX is always challenging in mobile applications. We know pictures can speak a thousand words and then animation...
Rename a Project in Android Studio

How to Rename a Project in Android Studio

By: Noc Folio3 | November 16, 2020
There might be some situations where you start your development from a boilerplate template or downloaded code from the internet & you...
private equity vs venture capital for app funding

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: What You Need to Know about App Funding

By: Folio3 | November 16, 2020
Are you a startup that needs to get funding for an app? You have come to the right place as here you...
Flatlist in React Native

What is Flatlist and how to use Flatlist in React Native

By: Nimra Saad | November 9, 2020
React native is the most evolving technology nowadays. It provides many built-in components. One of the important and useful components is Flatlist....
working with multiple environments in ios using schemes

Working with Multiple Environments in iOS/React-Native using Schemes

By: Habib Ali | November 9, 2020
There is always a need for multiple environments based deployments and build processes. In this fast-paced world, CI/CD process of our application...
swift vs objective c

Swift Vs. Objective C: Best Programming Language For App Development

By: Folio3 | November 9, 2020
The decision between a classic tool and a newer modern one can often be tricky. Similar is the case when it comes...
ionic vs react native

Ionic VS. React Native – Best Option To Set Up An App For Business

By: Folio3 | November 6, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Ionic And React Native? For building unique and responsive applications, there are the two most popular options...

Different Approaches For Automation Of Functional Testing

By: Maryam Batool | November 5, 2020
With the continuous growth in the tech industry, agile development has become quite a trend now.  The development and testing have to...