Bugs Count & Test Coverage

By: Maryam Batool | June 9, 2022
Software quality assurance is a vital component of the software lifecycle. It is the best way to minimize unexpected bugs and deliver...

Introduction to Nessus Vulnerability Scanning Tool

By: Arqam Sultan | April 21, 2022
A vulnerability is a weakness or error in a system or device’s code that, when exploited, can compromise the confidentiality, availability, and...

Automate React Native App Builds With Fastlane And Appcenter

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 12, 2021
Automating your application build process brings you speed, reliability and one less thing to worry about. It saves time, resources and effort...

Different Approaches For Automation Of Functional Testing

By: Maryam Batool | November 5, 2020
With the continuous growth in the tech industry, agile development has become quite a trend now.  The development and testing have to...