Testing Android Applications With Perfect Coverage

By: Muhammad Bilal Ahmed | March 14, 2023
Android apps could be tested in different ways. For example: functional, performance,accessibility and compatibility testing. And also scope wise depending on size,...

Introduction to Jetpack DataStore – Alternative to SharedPreferences

By: Shehroz Asif | February 25, 2022
Introduction In mobile applications, some data has to be persisted to make the application startup faster, reduce network traffic or handle data...
best tips to Create Cool Animations Using Lottie Android

Create Cool Animations Using Lottie Android

By: Muhammad Haris Bin Abid | November 27, 2020
Creating beautiful and appealing UX is always challenging in mobile applications. We know pictures can speak a thousand words and then animation...
Rename a Project in Android Studio

How to Rename a Project in Android Studio

By: Noc Folio3 | November 16, 2020
There might be some situations where you start your development from a boilerplate template or downloaded code from the internet & you...
Techreviewer.co Rank Number 1 to Folio3

Folio3 Ranked as one of the Best Android App Development Companies by Techreviewer.co

By: Folio3 | February 20, 2020
With the rapid increase in the use of Android-based devices, the Android operating system has become the world’s most popular operating system...