Automate React Native App Builds With Fastlane And Appcenter

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 12, 2021
Automating your application build process brings you speed, reliability and one less thing to worry about. It saves time, resources and effort...

What is Google Maps Geometry Library & How it Works?

By: Muhammad Saqlain | September 23, 2021
The earth is round, the map is flat When calculating the distance between two latitudes and longitudes we need to take the...
Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

What is Tree Shaking and Implementation in React

By: Muhammad Saqlain | December 2, 2020
Reduced size of application & improved performance plays an important role in success of a software. Tree Shaking is a concept in...
first modal popup in react native

Create your first modal popup in react native

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 27, 2020
React native offers a list of reusable components to select from. Using these reusable components saves time and avoids duplication. However, developers...
Custom React-Native Alert

How to use custom react-native alert?

By: Muhammad Saqlain | October 22, 2020
React native provides a variety of core components that we can use readily while creating screens for application. Developers can easily create...
Sharing code from React to React Native

Sharing Code Between React And React Native

By: Muhammad Saqlain | January 8, 2020
Code reuse intends to save time, resources, and reduce redundancy by taking benefit of assets that have already been designed or developed...

Optimize your development timelines using Mocking APIs with Postman

By: Muhammad Saqlain | July 11, 2019
We have already discussed in an earlier post what Postman is and how you can achieve Automation & create beautiful web-viewable documentation...