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Drupal Gamification

Posted by: Uzair Ishaq
16th April 2014

Drupal GamificationIn our previous post we talked about Gamification and how it can be used to keep users engaged with your website, mobile app or web or desktop application. In this post we’ll look how gamification is implemented in one of the ... Read More >>

MBaaS Platforms

Posted by: Imam Raza
16th December 2013

Mobile Backend as a Service - MBaaS Platforms With the rapid rise in smartphone and tablet adoption both by consumers and businesses, the demand for high quality mobile apps has increased exponentially, as has the need for rapid app development and deployment. There are also the added factors of security (especially ... Read More >>

SmartPhone Market Share – iOS Android Windows Phone Market Share

Posted by: admin
1st November 2013

Smartphone Market Share (USA) In the battle for smartphone market share, Google’s Android OS has emerged as the clear winner having overtaken Apple’s iOS as the #1 smartphone OS in the world. According to ComScore, Android currently leads in the US market as the #1 smartphone platform with 52% market share, while ... Read More >>

Responsive Design Techniques

Posted by: Danish Rehman
7th October 2013

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the number of devices and platforms available for web browsing has increased at an exponential rate. Mobile browsing is now overtaking traditional desktop based browsing and is expected to surpass desktop based browsing by 2014. Companies and businesses too have noticed these changes ... Read More >>

iOS 7 App Design: Redesigning Apps for iOS 7

Posted by: Usman Aleem
17th September 2013

With the recently introduced iOS7, Apple has completely revamped the look and feel of its mobile operating system and app designers have been asked to update their app designs to make them compatible with iOS 7. Here's what you need to know about iOS 7 app design, so you can ... Read More >>