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A Quick Guide to Move Database Backups to s3 Cloud via Cron

This blog walks you through a step by step guide to move your database backups to your Amazon AWS s3 cloud. Provided your website is hosted on an AWS instance, you can follow the undermentioned steps to keep your backups … …

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Comparison between different Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Nowadays security risks are very high due to which security testi …

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5 Easy Steps on Scheduling MySql Database Backup Using Cron

Be it GIT, SVN, Mercurial, CVS or Bazaar – your code is def …

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How to use Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection is a widely used for¬†Machine Learning as a ser …

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How To Stylize Magento Email Templates With CSS File

Styling emails are always difficult for web designers. You need t …

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How to Add Custom CSS and JS Files on CMS Pages in Magento 2

In this blog, you will learn all the mandatory steps on how to in …

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How to Implement IBM Watson Speech to Text Java SDK

The domain of speech recognition is considered as one of the most promising areas where modern machine learning tools are coming in handy in our quest to further refine and improve accuracy of the transcripts. The advent of ML frameworks … …

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