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7 Reasons why Ionic can Dictate the Future of Hybrid App Development

Posted by: Imran Alam
3rd March 2017

In the fragmented landscape of mobile app development frameworks. Where on one side some platforms attract developers because of their native performance gains. On the other side, the HTML-based frameworks have always made developers think twice about even choosing them. But unlike other cross-platform frameworks, Ionic has been gaining consistent popularity ... Read More >>

5 Key Factors that Make NativeScript an Ideal Mobile App Framework

Posted by: Danish Siddiqui
23rd February 2017

With the advent of multiple mobile phone brands and subsequent introduction of separate app stores, the idea of choosing a cross-platform framework gained hype. But there were tradeoffs with the previously existing frameworks, if your app was to support all the devices with the same code base, you would have ... Read More >>

How to Fix Forgot/Reset Password Blank Page in Magento?

Posted by: Navaid Ahmed
15th February 2017

If you’ve recently upgraded your Magento server with SUPEE-6788 or SUPEE-8788, you might have encountered an issue with your Magento store’s forgot password / reset password page where that entire page appears blank to users when they land on it. We recently upgraded one of our servers with SUPEE-8788 and came across this problem ... Read More >>

How To Install Magento 2.1.x on Windows

Posted by: Kashif Saleem
2nd February 2017

In the world of ecommerce, Magento framework is already a establish name. In past couple of years Magento gain immense popularity and that’s why it share a major chunk of ecommerce industry. magento tips and tricks Recently Magento launch its 2.0 community edition. Now ... Read More >>

How Magento Extensions & Magento Customization Help Improve Site Performance

Posted by: Navaid Ahmed
7th December 2016

To keep your ecommerce site updated in accordance with the latest trends and requirements (whether technical or business related), you have to use pre-built extensions, since most businesses don’t have the resources or the time to make changes to their ecommerce stores using custom coding. This situation is true no ... Read More >>