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Automatic Build Versioning

Posted by: Muhammad Salman
12th June 2017

The steps required for automatic build versioning have been mentioned as follows: We need to make our application versioning system to apple generic as mentioned in the image below, and also make sure to set the current project version to magento paypal Our Version will have ... Read More >>

Why use Firebase as Cloud Back-End for Mobile Applications

Posted by: Aneeq Hashmi
25th May 2017

In today’s world we have mobile app for almost every thing we are doing in our daily life. Most of the businesses have their mobile apps to keep user engaged with them. Following are the 7 must have features for every mobile app

  • Social media integration
  • Analytics
  • Offline capabilities
  • Gamification
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Personalization
...

Your Ultimate Guide to Use of Icon Fonts

Posted by: Hasan Ali
23rd May 2017

What are Icon Fonts? Icon Fonts are just like fonts.They contain glyphs and symbols. Similarly you style your project fonts, you can style them too. It’s becoming a popular choice on the web and mobile. Pros and Cons for Icon Fonts There are some important benefits to using icon fonts instead of raster ... Read More >>

Field Validation Features in Magento

Posted by: Navaid Ahmed
27th April 2017

Field validation is the most fundamental requirement and an absolutely must feature in any ecommerce platform and there is not a single web site or web store that does not have these sanity checks built in. Being a full featured ecommerce platform, Magento also supports field validation out of the ... Read More >>

Installing Magento 2 Extension Over SSH (Terminal)

Posted by: Saad Taimoor
5th April 2017

Hi guys, In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install a Magento 2 extension using the SSH terminal. Before installation (Prerequisite) Before we begin the installation, you must first download the Magento 2 extension you want to install and then move those folders from the archive to your Magento 2 root directory. ... Read More >>