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Do you have an inspiring idea for an Android mobile app or need an iOS app mockup created? Relax, we’ve got you covered! We can get you started right away by creating a working mobile app prototype for your business. All you have to do is share the idea behind your app along with your business goals, objectives and the target market you want to reach, and we will create a mobile app prototype that will give your users an exceptional user experience.

Turning your Dreams into a Real Mobile Application

Mobile and smartphone users spend over 90% of their time using various mobile apps. The rapid growth of the mobile app market is proof enough of its importance and it comes as no surprise that almost every other company out there is jumping on the mobile app bandwagon.

Why, you might ask, would you need an iOS or Android mobile app mockup? Mobile app prototyping will help you test the viability of your business idea by giving a better understanding of the business app processes, saving you ample time and budget. Interactive mobile app prototyping can help clarify technical specifications before development, allowing you to detect and eliminate any major or minor issues. A mobile app mockup lets you test the idea of the project before starting the otherwise time consuming and expensive development processes.

Mobile App Prototype from the App Development Champs

As a market leader in app development, we offer mobile app mockup and mobile app prototyping for an array of industries that range from business to finance, gaming, sports, healthcare, e-commerce, travel and many more. Our team of mobile app developers have unmatched skills to develop and design apps and create Android mobile app prototypes as well as iOS app mockup for a diverse range of devices.

A mobile app wireframe assists in showcasing the basic workflow of the mockup for mobile app as well as that of the final product. The mobile app wireframe be it an Android or iOS app wireframe works as the basic platform for the design and development process, highlighting major workflow of the mobile app design mockup. At Folio3 we cater to your ideas and objectives behind the final product which is why our iOS and Android app prototyping processes and mobile app wireframe created will have the complete ideation of the app incorporated in it.

Our mobile app prototyping process starts with your idea and is based on your scope which helps us identify the workflow of the app, so we can create detailed mobile app wireframes and deliver the mobile app prototype you require.

iOS Prototyping & Android App Mockup

We help you take the first step towards building an awesome mobile app by transforming your idea into an inspiring user experience with Android and iOS prototyping. Now you can speed up your mockup iPhone apps design and development processes by using a customized iPhone mockup and mobile app prototype for a range of Android and iOS devices. With an iOS or Android mobile app prototype you gain the benefit of testing your idea, its flow, interactions and animations on a real device before starting the development processes and launching your company’s app.

Folio3 is proud to lead the market with its expert team of app developers. As one of the world’s leading mobile prototyping and development company, we offer a wide range of solutions which includes, but are not limited to:

  • 360-degree App Development
  • Custom Mobile App Prototyping
  • Bug-free Mobile App Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • IOT & Wearable App Prototyping
  • Android Mobile App Prototype
  • iOS App Mockup and Prototype
  • Android & iOS App Wireframe
  • Competitive Pricing & Delivery
  • 24/7 Mobile App Support




Get the Minimum Viable Product Advantage

Be smart and test the uncharted territory of the App Store to review the success ratio of your app with a MVP mobile app mockup before you dedicate complete marketing and development resources to it. By Releasing a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will give you a presence in the mobile market while offering you ample of time and flexibility to address all possible software issues and tweak your mobile application according to your consumer’s taste.

Why choose Mobile App Prototyping by Folio3?

For so many reasons. But mostly because our users love it.

Trusted by companies and passionate individuals worldwide, Folio3 has been delivering Android mobile app prototype and iOS app mockups to customers across the globe. Don’t believe us! Believe what they have to say about us:


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