Sarcos Robotics

Cloud Based IoT Solution
built on Raas (Robot as a

The Customer

Sarcos Robotics is a global innovation pioneer that has been successfully designing and producing capable robotic systems that counteract injury and save lives.

The company creates and deploys teleoperated robots to execute world's most unsafe and complex assignments in territories where human safety is in danger.


The client had outsourced the development of one of their systems but the final product lacked some of the features that were promised by the vendor. That vendor’s failure to deliver according to the initial plan led the client revert back to Folio3, one of their most trusted technology partners.

Folio3 and Sarcos Robotics have effectively cooperated over numerous ventures previously. Folio3's commitment in delivering the most astounding quality solutions, upheld by its involvement in creating versatile applications and mastery in enterprise systems has enabled it to retain this customer.

Guardian S Robot, a Cloud Based IoT Solution was developed for the Sarcos Robotics. The solution, Raas (Robot as a service) is one of a kind in the industry. Folio3 proposed changes to the original design, along with a Live video broadcast solution. The system was implemented using Wowza Media streaming solution.


IOT Hub, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Stream Analytics.


USA408 365 4638


1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 160,

Belmont, CA 94002

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