Maravai Website Development Case Study
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A US-based company providing
solutions in the life
sciences research and
bioproduction industries

The Customer

Maravai LifeSciences is a US based company that focuses on supplying highly specialized analytical products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for use in process development and quality control.


Maravai LifeSciences owns and operates several subsidiaries in the life sciences research and bio-production industries that accelerate breakthrough discoveries, leading to improvements in human well-being.

Both of the websites were on different platforms with Glen Research being a custom built solution on native PHP and Cygnus Technologies on OSCommerce. The company wanted to leverage the e-commerce channel for sales for both of these companies by migrating on to a single e-commerce platform, one that could scale alongside their business.

To solve these problems, the company opted to migrate their e-commerce operations to Magento2 and was looking for a Magento Partner with the necessary skill set to ensure a seamless transition.


Folio3 migrated Maravai’s Cygnus Technologies and Glen Research sites, from OSCommerce and a custom PHP based platform respectively, on to the Magento 2 platform. The project also involved the creation of a brand new design and user experience for both web stores, some of the customizations included implementing functionalities that are not supported by Magento out of the box.

The customizations implemented include:

  • Backorder Management
  • Customer Group Based Pricing
  • One Page Checkout
  • Ability to attach supporting Documents such as PDFs/JPEGs/Worksheets to products (As per FDA Requirements)
  • Region wise Price/Access Restrictions
  • Tax Management (AVATAX)
  • User Registration Customization
  • Custom Attributes for association of complex data with products and customers
  • A complex customized JS tool for product specifications
  • Pricing Packages managed separately as per the customer or their associated company
  • Mapping legacy data into entities and attributes on to the new platform in best possible way
  • Advanced Search Capability with Sphinx


Thanks to Folio3’s efforts and expertise, Maravai was able to upgrade their old sites with modern Magento2 based web stores within the timelines. Additionally, shifting to Magento has enabled Maravai to streamline its e-commerce operations for both subsidiaries in terms of order management, inventory management, customer experience, supply chain, and reporting while also providing a superior shopping experience to their customers.


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1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 160,

Belmont, CA 94002

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