Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Folio3 aims to help clinics serve patients with telemedicine effectively.
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What We Do

We love taking ideas and turning them into real apps. We work with our clients to build compelling mobile apps that provide lasting value to their customers. Having started out as a start-up ourselves, we know how difficult it is to maintain a balance between funding and quality development. We can help you get your app made for less than a year of college tuition!

How We Work

Think of us as your product design and development partner. With our patented App Discovery process, we'll help you identify and deliver a clickable prototype of your idea, along with scope specifications and wireframes, all within a span of 2 to 3 weeks. We’ll help you validate it for market/audience fit by delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that you can take to your investors, and then build out the complete solution.

How Our App Discovery Process Works

Innovation Workshop

This is where we determine the scope and complete feature set. At the end of these...Learn More


Once we’ve finalized the app ideas you wish to move ahead with, we create a minimum...Learn More


We give the developed prototypes to a set of ‘early adopter’ stakeholders and ask them to try it...Learn More


This is the final phase of the App Discovery process where we build out the final app(s)...Learn More

Startups We Helped Succeed

One of the most popular travel sites on the web
A secure, multi-platform (Blackberry, iOS, Android)
native mobile app for accessing enterprise data
Cloud storage platform offering
Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRAAS)
A suite of products designed for the medical
healthcare industry
Cross plaform Business Intelligence Analytics Dashboard
helps integrate data & improve decision making
Award winning mobile solutions help protect the public
and streamline agri-business supply chain
Secure, wireless alert management
system used by Fortune 100 companies,
governments, healthcare providers
and emergency services
Pet help made fast and easy!
Connect with your vet and other
pet professionals through live video
no matter where you are
App controlled robotic arm brace helps patients
regain motion

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