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Telemedicine Solutions

HIPAA compliant mobile engagement solutions for telemedicine professionals

Telemedicine solutions offer risk management and remote monitoring of real-time emergencies. Health professionals require telemedicine solutions to connect with patients remotely, provide real-time consultation to patients, perform visual inspection of patient and remotely examine patient using bedside monitors.

As one of the most effective ways to boost healthcare efficiency, telemedicine solutions are offering physicians and patients ease of access by lowering patient wait time, allowing remote access and easy schedule optimization options for the healthcare providers. Remote patient monitoring in one of the many benefits of telemedicine solutions. It allows the healthcare providers to not only track PHI from any location but also remotely inspect the patient via live-video, creating better treatment adherence and overall better patient outcomes. Today, many physicians are using remote patient monitoring systems to follow-up with patients even after they have been discharged from a healthcare facility.

Telemedicine solutions have become increasingly popular, helping healthcare providers monitor high-risk patients long before they land in the hospital, making it easy for patients and doctors to stay connected with:

  • Enable secure access to apps & productivity resources
  • Provide secure interconnectivity for processes & systems
  • Manage deployments from a single console
  • Improve productivity by enabling communications
  • Ensure complete data security & accurate data
  • Get real time updates to ensure business process accuracy
  • Coordinate business processes through automation
  • Quarantine non-compliant and rooted devices
  • Employ message routing & data transformation
  • Add end-to-end ecosystem protection and high availability

What are the Requirements for providing Secure Telemedicine Solutions?

Telemedicine technologies are making healthcare services more accessible while increasing the quality of patient care and engagement. There is a wide range of telehealth solutions which aids healthcare professionals in delivering real-time health and clinical services to patients worldwide. Physicians and patients are now able to communicate efficiently even from the most remote locations, making healthcare opportunities available globally. From secure messaging systems to sharing PHI data, managing on-call schedules and appointments, and accessing patient data remotely as telemedicine solutions rapidly become of the most popular technologies used for patient consultation and communication systems.

Telemedicine solutions are based on the basic concept of providing effective healthcare communications through a HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-grade platform that delivers secure personalized consumer engagement. Today, mobile health systems used by healthcare providers serve specific communication requirements, data access and sharing functions by providing secure PHI storage and communication solutions, remote HIPAA-HITECH compliant healthcare collaboration and easy integration with enterprise healthcare systems.



Keeping in mind the expertise that Folio3 has developed in the area of telehealth, we have launched our telemedicine solution; ClinicLive. An easy-to-use, secure, HIPAA Compliant telemedicine solution that allows doctors and health practitioners connect with remote patients and enhance engagement through virtual consultation, remote patient triage and mental counseling in the most advanced and cost effective way.


  • Practitioner’s office will enroll patients into ClinicLive platform. Patients will receive emails with their Virtual Clinic Record Number.
  • Patient will download the ClinicLive mobile app and complete the signup process.
  • Patient will check out available times and set up appointments on the ClinicLive mobile application.
  • Practitioner (using the web application) and patient (using the mobile application) will join the scheduled appointment.


  • HIPAA compliant healthcare platform
  • ISO 27001 Certified data centers
  • Seamless integration with multiple EMRs
  • Easy to use, no installations required.
  • Secure, data encrypted; both at rest and in transit
  • Affordable & flexible pricing, no yearly contracts, no setup fee.

During this challenging time amid the COVID-19 outbreak, ClinicLive is made available FREE for all clinics.

Everyone needs immediate access to high quality telemedicine platform. To help clinics serve patients during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are waiving setup and monthly fees for the first 60 days.


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