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Category: Folio3: NetSuite Integration and Web Store Development

PureLife is a California based distributor and retailer of dental tools, products, and equipment. Folio3 seamlessly integrated their Magento 2 powered web store with their back-office NetSuite ERP system.

In addition to the standard out-of-the-box functionality of the integration solution, Folio3 delivered the following customizations:

  • A one-off export of all customers and their associated records, such as orders, invoices, cash sales, and refunds, from NetSuite to Magento 2.
  • Synchronize B2B customers, i.e. “company type” customers with associated contacts, from NetSuite to Magento 2 as individual customers.
  • Synchronize the NetSuite rep (and their contact info) associated with customers in NetSuite to Magento, in the Magento customer record.
  • Synchronize orders placed by both B2C and B2B customers from Magento to NetSuite and vice versa.
  • Generation of cash sales in NetSuite against Magento orders placed by B2C customers whereas the Magento orders by B2B customers will be synced as open invoices upon billing.
  • Synchronization of credit limits and remaining/available credit balance for B2B customers from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Synchronize specific pricing levels/tiers from NetSuite to Magento.

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