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The landscape of technology has changed drastically, bringing with it interconnected things and industrial equipment that requires network connection. IOT or ‘Internet Of Things’ is a growing network of internet enabled wearable devices that require internet connectivity and have an IP address for that purpose. From Smartwatches to fitness wearable devices, glasses and other related technology comes under the much larger and quickly growing arena of IOT.

These devices require internet of things mobile apps and IOT mobile app integration in order to connect and communicate with other devices. Internet of things app allows these devices to transmit data and acts as a data interface. This is why companies and businesses that offer wearable devices with internet of things mobile apps require purpose-built IOT mobile app integration and are highly dependent on world-class IOT application development solutions.

Why Choose Our IOT Mobile App Development Company?

IOT application development offers you the most complete set of integrated IOT specific development tools and capabilities that deliver the best business value. At Folio3, we have been building exceptional mobile experiences for the fast paced mobile industry for years, giving top-class wearable and IOT mobile app development experience.

Wearable devices have compact screens which makes design prototyping for internet of things mobile apps all the more challenging. These devices require a different IOT application development approach to create an engaging user experience while offering a minimalistic design methodology. Our award winning IOT mobile app development team has matchless skills and experience in developing compatible internet of things mobile apps, ensuring high performance and user experience. Our extended IOT application development services cover:

  • 360-degree Development Solutions
  • Bug-free IOT Application Development
  • Wearable Mobile Application Designing
  • Wearable & IOT Mobile App Development
  • Competitive Pricing & Timely Delivery
  • UX/UI Wearable App Development

Hire Expert Developers for Internet of Things Apps

IOT application development empowers users through a fully wearable device app which bridges the gap between the real world and digital to offer a whole new experience. We have some of the finest IOT application development engineers in our talented team who are focused on innovative design and development for wearable apps. Our team of innovators and developers love building and deploying world-class IOT mobile app development solutions.

We are proud of our experienced IOT application development team for offering solutions in:

  • Custom IOT Application Development
  • Enterprise Wearable Applications
  • Social Media IOT Applications
  • IOT App Testing & Portability
  • IOT Mobile App Maintenance
  • 24/7 IOT Mobile App Support




IOT Application Development for the Ultimate Wearable Apps

Folio3 is a prominent IOT application development company that specializes in rendering cutting edge and out-of-the-box internet of things apps that harness the innovative wearable technology. The feature-rich, future centric internet of things apps developed by our expert team are highly robust and enhance your brand’s reach with your target audience. We have years of experience in building mobile apps for a range of operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. Leveraging this experience, we have now extended our development solutions to providing IOT mobile app development for wearable devices. Our IOT mobile app development solutions compliment your business objectives by elevating performance of your wearable devices through our value-added IOT mobile app development services.

Partner with the Best IOT Mobile App Development Firm

Businesses and companies from around the globe partner with us to deliver top quality internet of things apps and extend smart capabilities of these in their industry verticals. We have added value to several businesses with our exceptional IOT application development solutions. Here’s what our partners are saying about us:


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