The Bingo Elasticsearch extension for Magento 2 delivers instantaneous and highly accurate search results.

Designed for scalability and ease of management, the Bingo Elasticsearch extension for Magento 2 enables your web store to handle sophisticated, real-time search requirements. Being fully customizable, it can be tailored to deliver the most relevant search results at the top of your Magento 2 store’s search listings. With features like automatic spell checking, auto-complete and support for stop words and synonyms, the Bingo Elasticsearch extension for Magento 2 delivers an unparalleled search experience, regardless of type of query input.

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Key Features

Customizable Search Engine Admin Console

  • Simplified installation process - for enabling Bingo on your Magento 2 web store
  • Ability to select bingo as the default search engine on Magento
  • Automatic creation of an Elasticsearch index (on enabling Bingo)
  • Smart search filters for enhanced search accuracy

Complete support for synonyms and stop words

  • Complete search support for stop words and synonyms
  • Support for long tail searches with hyphens, slashes, etc.
  • Support for stemmed search with singular & plural words
  • Automatic location of search queries in any custom content
  • Search through products, catalogues, attributes and CMS pages

Automatic Spell Checking and Auto Complete Support

  • Search through custom content and multiple content types
  • Built-in spell checking with auto complete
  • Automatically suggests the complete word for faster search results
  • Smart suggestions for misspelled words

Enhanced Search Telemetry & Search Statistics

  • View your store’s complete search statics from the admin panel
  • Optimize the store’s search results
  • Hide ‘out of stock’ items with end of list placement
  • Process layered navigation (filter) requests
  • Customize landing pages for custom search queries


Enhanced shopping experience

Lightning fast search on mobile and desktop devices

Complete supports for responsive themes

Customizable configuration options

Improved layered navigation performance

Set search categories without rebooting the entire page

Add tips, product image & prices in drop down search searches

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