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JetSpeed Portlet Development

Jetspeed is an open source Enterprise Information Portal built on Java and XML. Jetspeed provides a framework for integrating information, people and processes and providing access to it all through a secure unified access point. Within a Jetspeed portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page. Each portlet is an independent application with Jetspeed portlet acting as the central hub making information from multiple sources available in an easy to use manner. A portal based on Jetspeed can make applications, database information and other data sources available to end-users through a single web site. Jetspeed portlet provides a security infrastructure so that the information and functions made available to each user can be customized on basis of the user or a role that the user has. The user can access the portal via a web browser, WAP-phone, pager or any other device supported by the portal infrastucture.

Folio3’s Expertise:

Some of Jetspeed’s main strengths include:

  • Standards compliance. Any portlets created with JSR-168 or WSRP can be incorporated within Jetspeed. This provides access to thousands of portlet components that can plug into a Jetspeed framework.
  • Strong personalization features. Users have control over the content and look and feel they want for their space.
  • Many out of the box modules available.
  • Strong community of active developers.

Jetspeed is the foundation for Folio3’s Websilo Document Delivery Portal. Using Jetspeed, Websilo enables an enterprise to package, distribute and track documents within the organization or amongst its partners and customers. Jetspeed provided the user management, security, scalability and look and feel customization around which Folio3 developed custom document browsing, packaging and sharing modules to develop the Websilo solution.


    • The Websilo solution is deployed at Cavium Networks and Wichorus. Click here to see how we helped Cavium Networks.

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