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iPhone Development

With the immensely popular Apple iPhone, the era of the internet connected smartphone has come into its own. Apple reported that in just the first five months of its iPhone Apps Store, 300 million applications had been downloaded, making the iPhone the most popular platform for mobile application development.

The iPhone’s large screen size, high bandwidth 3G and WiFi connectivity, built in GPS and graceful aesthetics make it a compelling platform for building mobile applications. The iPhone apps offers strong application development support, including advanced animation effects.

iPhone Apps may be considered to be of three types:

  • Any web application that can be accessed using iPhone’s Safari browser.
  • Web applications optimized for the iPhone interface, and which may use specialized features of the iPhone, such as some of the phone features.
  • Custom applications for the iPhone client that take full advantage of the features offered by the iPhone platform. For example, games built for iPhone can take full advantage of the device’s animation and display capabilities. Travel applications can take advantage of the built in GPS and synchronization to store data when the device is offline.

Folio3’s Expertise

Folio3 has expertise in iPhone application development as well as server side solutions for integration with enterprise applications and internet content.


  • A suite of iPhone based productivity apps for a leading multinational banking corporation.
  • An iPhone app called “PerfectServe Clinician” which provides physicians with the ability to use their iPhone to contact colleagues directly, call patients while protecting their caller ID, change their on-call schedules and control how they are reached for various clinical situations.
  • A secure, multi-platform (Blackberry, iOS, Android) native mobile app for accessing enterprise data.

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