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Flash Games Development

Casual games have recently gained popularity for marketing purposes as well as a great way to acquire site traffic. By providing high quality entertainment, with quick load times and no need for any downloads. Browser based casual games are usually developed using Adobe Flash and serve as means of viral marketing, advertising, branding or simply adding a fun element for your users.

Folio3 provides a complete solution in Flash game design and development. Our team is experienced in creating game concepts, character and art design, graphic content and animations to deliver entertaining single and multi-player games.

Folio3’s Expertise:

Folio3’s expertise in this area includes a number of platforms and technologies, including:

    • ActionScript 2.0
    • ActionScript 3.0
    • SmartFox Multi-player Server
    • 2D Raster & Vector Artwork
    • Character Design
    • Vector Animation
    • Multi-player conversion of existing singe player games


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