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BlackBerry Development

The BlackBerry platform from Research In Motion (RIM) is one of the most popular smart phone platforms and has global acceptance with Service Providers present all over the world. Blackberry Apps are particularly popular in the enterprise, and are a great platform for developing enterprise mobile applications. The Blackberry Apps provides three different flavors of application development:

    • Browser Based Applications access internet content using the BlackBerry browser and extend existing web-based enterprise content over the wireless mobile network.
    • Web services based MDS Applications are created using the BlackBerry Rapid Application development (RAD) approach. These extend enterprise web services to the wireless mobile network, using the BlackBerry MDS Services and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Services such as Store-and-Forward are key differentiators.
    • Java ME applications are custom Java applications for the BlackBerry Apps smart phone that provide a sophisticated user interface (UI) and navigation, robust data management, and flexible support for custom data formats. Java ME can be used to build rich-client applications, and to integrate with standard back-end servers.
      • A Calendaring and Navigation solution for Proxpro involved extensive work in creating UIs, interacting with native phone applications, using native services such as contacts, file and data management and GPS location-based services. It also involved interacting with a server side solution for exchange of real-time traffic, weather and map data.
      • A World time zones application.

Folio3’s Expertise

Folio3 has worked with a range of BlackBerry APIs and services to create solutions.


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