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Adobe Air and Flex Application Development

Flex is a highly productive, free, open source framework for building and maintaining rich internet applications. Flex applications deploy consistently across all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. This solves one of the major issues with AJAX web applications, that need to be separately tested and tweaked for each browser.

The Flex SDK comes with a rich set of user interface components that can be quickly coded to create stunning applications. Other features like web services, drag and drop, modal dialogs, animation effects, application states, form validation, and other interactions round out the application framework. Flex is often implemented using a Model View Controller (MVC) based architecture known as Cairngorm. Cairngorm maintains separation and modularity between the presentation, control and data logic in a Flex application, facilitating application extension and maintainability.

Adobe’s AIR runtime environment can be used to build desktop applications using Flex (as well as other technologies, such as Ajax and Flash). These applications can be run standalone and operate in offline mode, synchronizing data when an internet connection is available.

Folio3’s Expertise:

  • Development of rich browser based Flex applications using the Cairngorm framework
  • Extensive experience with Flex’s UI controls, including charting, graphing and calendaring
  • Development of offline AIR applications using Flex


  • Charting and reporting applications for a web search analytics company Enquisite
  • A disease surveillance system with rich charting, graphing and data analysis capabilities along with a Patient Information Management System for DiagnosisOne
  • An order processing system and self registration portal for mobile enabled food retailers served by Moccasio
  • A highly interactive insurance website, with easily customizable parameters to fetch the most appropriate plans and quotes.

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