Social Media App

An iPhone app that
provides a social
platform to the skiing

The Customer

The client works with a number of professional and amateur skiers and snowboarders. They wanted to provide the skiing and snowboarding communities with a platform where they could socialize and connect with likeminded people.


The client was seeking to have a technologically advance social platform developed for skiers and snowboarders where they could connect with other people from the same interest base. They wanted an app developed which would provide a Tinder style social platform that would help users them locate other skiers around them and connect with them as friends. The app should allow users to fetch profiles of other skiers using Facebook and provide similar features of sending out a friend request and messaging options.

The client wanted to develop an innovative social media app for the skiing community that will allow them to easily connect with similar kind of professionals. They partnered up with Folio3 due to their extensive expertise in building cutting edge mobile applications and for delivering high quality solutions. The client provided their basic idea for creating a one-of-a-kind social app for skiers and took inspiration from apps like Tinder. After analyzing the project’s requirements Folio3 assigned a dedicated team of developers and designers who worked tirelessly to create app flow and mock ups for the project. The project took around 6 months to complete.

The app provides interest based matching for skiers, allowing them to discover and locate other skiers based on location, interest and other preferences. Users can then send friends request to connect with other skiers who use the same app and check their buddy’s location to set up a rendezvous point via Google Maps. Once the friend request has been accepted, the users will be able to initiate chat via the application’s built-in messenger to connect with other buddy skiers. The app also provides the feasibility of inviting Facebook and Twitter friends to join after login using the same app.


Folio3 used Native iOS and Swift language to create this one-of-a-kind social media application while the backend server side API was developed on Laravel (PHP Based Framework) and Database was created on MYSQL.


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