Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Folio3 aims to help clinics serve patients with telemedicine effectively.

MeetingMogul (Jaguar)

A one-touch conference
calling app to use with
Jaguar InControl Apps

The Customer

MeetingMogul, is a one-touch conference call connection application that works with all major conference service providers.

The no-hassle apps for iOS and Android bring a mobile-first approach to virtual meetings by using mobile and web technology to simplify the preparation, attendance and follow-up actions for meetings, especially participants calling in from remote locations or during travel.

Folio3 developed MeetingMogul’s call connection platform for clients, whose executives, employees, contractors and partners regularly participate in multiple meetings from a variety of services. This includes those who travel internationally where calling into a conference bridge may be subject to the high cost of mobile roaming.


Apart from mobile technologies for iOS and Android, we have used the MySpin SDK that is developed by Jaguar’s technology partner to integrate with the in-car console.


All of the above took 3 to 4 months to develop, using the SCRUM agile software development process.


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