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Why the Daily Scrum is NOT a Status Meeting?

Posted by: Faizan Khan
3rd February 2020

I am here today to debunk, The Myth "The Daily Scrum is the Status Meeting". This is a key misconception in the industry and often results in Scrum meetings, eating up hours from the development team. It’s an understandable observation because they sound may be similar on the surface. This reduces the value & ... Read More >>

A Complete Guide to Custom Caching in Magento 2 (Updated 2019)

Posted by: Ahsan Horani
29th November 2019

In this blog, I will explain how to create your own cache in Magento 2, and how to read and write data from that custom cache. I hope after reading this article you will find many ways to optimize your site’s performance. What is Caching? Caching is a high-speed layer of temporary ... Read More >>

React Hooks

Posted by: Muhammad Hassan Khalid
3rd September 2019

React is a javascript framework for building interactive client side interfaces along with the integration with back-end server. React considers the UI as a set of reusable components. These components can either be a class component or a stateless functional component. Stateless components are used for making static UI components. ... Read More >>

What is Flutter and Why everyone is talking about Flutter App Development?

Posted by: Faizan Younus
19th June 2019

Getting Started With Flutter: Flutter App Development You might have heard the word “Flutter”. If not, at least, you have read it by now. So what is Flutter? And why is everyone talking about Flutter App Development? Don't worry If you haven't heard anyone talking about it ... Read More >>

How to make a Dismissible List View in Flutter

Posted by: Muhammad Affan Khan
3rd June 2019

In this blog, we’ll look at how we can build a dismissable list view in Flutter. You can think of dismissible widget as a draggable piece UI of that can be dragged in any direction and the action causes the UI to slide out from the view. Here is an ... Read More >>