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Getting Started with Performance Testing Using Apache Jmeter

Posted by: Ayesha Tanvir
10th May 2022

  Performance testing plays an important role in application’s stability and scalability. We cannot make a product live without testing its performance, like how much load it can sustain, how well it will perform under stress when thousands of users will use the application.  We start with defining performance testing and looking at its ... Read More >>

Usability Testing on Mobile App

Posted by: Sarah Ansari
31st March 2022

So let’s commence this discussion with a query. What do phone consumers spend most of their time on? On mobile apps? Yes, you read that correctly. A recent study shows that phone users in the US spend 86% of their mobile usage time solely on interacting with mobile applications.Every respected ... Read More >>

Integrated D365 and Magento 2.x in QA Life Cycle

Posted by: Hamza Shahzad Iqbal
30th March 2022


  • The understanding of ERP and E-commerce integration as a QA Engineer.
  • How to apply Requirement Elicitation techniques in this area of Software Development.
  • As Quality Engineer how we can perform Component and Integration testing between D365 (ERP) and Magento 2.x (e-commerce).
  • Magento to D365 integration for TJM SA 4x4
...


Posted by: Qaisar Imtiaz
22nd March 2022

Introduction Nowadays, working as an QA or Manual Tester is more of how efficiently you can handle project(s). QAs are considered to be the persons that can contribute at every stage of software development and processes; be it planning or analysis stage or development or maintenance stage. But the real challenge ... Read More >>

Why the Daily Scrum is NOT a Status Meeting?

Posted by: Faizan Khan
3rd February 2020

I am here today to debunk, The Myth "The Daily Scrum is the Status Meeting". This is a key misconception in the industry and often results in Scrum meetings, eating up hours from the development team. It’s an understandable observation because they sound may be similar on the surface. This reduces the value & ... Read More >>