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Mobile app development is an expensive process and building a native application across different platforms can be a costly business. This is one of the major reasons why more and more companies are opting for ionic mobile apps which uses the open source mobile SDK framework for native mobile app development. Ionic mobile apps enable developers to create high performing and alluring mobile apps that cater to both frontend and backend processes.

Apps built with ionic make complete use of themes written in CSS, HTML, AngularJS and JavaScript while using Cordova or PhoneGap to set up natively and run as a progressive web app that requires development only once, to run everywhere. Ionic mobile apps are unbiased when it comes to being both functional and beautiful in design on all mobile platforms and devices, giving this hybrid framework performance efficiency that’s unmatched by any other platform.

All-in-One Ionic Mobile App Development Solutions

We are a full-service ionic mobile app development company that believes in building truly engaging and sleek mobile applications for all kinds of devices. Using the powerful framework of iconic, we create unique high performing mobile apps with ionic that offer one-of-a-kind user experiences to our customers worldwide.

As market leaders in ionic app development, we focus on building native apps using the ionic framework to support all your cross platform needs. Be it iOS, Android, Windows or the web, with our ionic mobile app development solutions you are able to tap into the native functionalities of the mobile platform which includes Push Notifications, GPS and camera. When you enlist our ionic app development services, we provide you great ionic mobile apps that are not just browser based but also cater to the web view of Android and IU web view for all operating systems.

Ionic Mobile Apps. Develop One Time.
Deploy Anywhere

Iconic app development gives your business the capability to easily expand without worrying about the complex ionic mobile app development processes. Apps built with ionic technology are able to support deployment to Apple and Google Play store so you can reach a larger user base without any hassle.

Folio3’s expert ionic mobile app development team consists of mobile and web development professionals who will provide you the best coding experience to meet your business goals. Our team guarantees 100% customer satisfaction while crafting the best frontend and backend user experience, allowing you to take complete advantage of:

  • Fully Functional Cross Platform
  • Premier Native Ionic Plugins
  • High Speed & Performance
  • Touch Optimized Gestures
  • Simple & Functional Designs
  • Native & Web Optimized Apps




Ionic App Development for a Cross Platform Reach

Get your apps customized for iOS or Android platforms with one of the most used and high performance frameworks in the world. Ionic mobile apps are built to perform with accelerated speed and minimal DOM manipulation on the latest Smartphone and mobile devices. At Folio3, our expert team will not only build you a mobile app with ionic that has a functional interface to match your brand’s identity but also deploy your responsive ionic mobile app to multiple app stores worldwide.

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