Migrating from one ecommerce platform to another is a complicated process. You have to ensure that all product, customer and order data is successfully transferred to the new system, any existing integrations are ported over and work perfectly, your site’s URL structure and SEO rankings remain unchanged and the new site loads and works faster than before. The key aspect being that the transition is seamless for both you and your customers and there is no down time in your operations. Having a reliable Magento development is therefore vital for a successful migration.

Most web store owners migrate to Magento when they encounter limitations in their current ecommerce platform in catering to certain requirements, or when their customers start complaining about how difficult it is to use their existing web store, either when placing orders or while navigating the site or simply accessing it.

If you’re facing a similar situation are looking for someone to help you make the transition, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

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What We Offer

Our certified and expert Magento migration team has extensive experience in migrating web stores from multiple ecommerce platforms to Magento. So irrespective of the ecommerce platform you’re coming from, we will ensure that your move to Magento is as smooth and painless as possible. Our Magento migration process is based on best practices gleaned from years of experience and covers all the key activities required for a successful Magento migration such as:

  • Full database backup prior to migration.
  • Analysis & testing of current code & existing plug-ins.
  • Analysis & testing of current extensions.
  • Code security review.
  • Performance & hosting audits.
  • Transfer of existing store data (incl. products, orders, customers & billing details).
  • Migration of CMS Content & existing URL structure (wherever possible).
  • Performance optimization.
  • SEO audit & optimization.
  • Duplicate detection & handling.

Our Magento Migration Process


We offer migration from the following ecommerce platforms to Magento.

WooCommerce to Magento Migration

Even though WooCommerce makes a great first platform for ecommerce, it is not really equipped to provide the scalability and flexibility a growing business requires. Even though both platforms are open source, WooCommerce doesn’t scale as well as Magento and cannot provide you with the flexibility you’ll need if your business is growing rapidly or if you offer a sizeable product catalog and need to process thousands of orders every day. We will help you make the switch from WooCommerce to Magento, so you can continue providing your customers with the ultimate shopping experience, while reaping the benefits of a multi-store single backend operation and unsurpassed upselling and cross-selling capabilities.

osCommerce to Magento Migration

osCommerce is also a great eCommerce platform for start-ups or businesses that are new to ecommerce. If you’re looking to compete with bigger competitors however, you’ll find the functionality provided by osCommerce to be pretty limiting and should consider moving to Magento. Some of the areas where osCommerce trails behind Magento include support for multiple payment methods, multi-language features, product customization, email templates, custom coupons & discounts and multi- store functionality. We’ll help you make the jump from osCommerce to Magento, so you can provide your visitors and customers with a rich and engaging shopping experience, with a site that offers unmatched performance and ease of use.

Volusion to Magento Migration

If your web store is currently on Volusion and want to switch to Magento due to Volusion’s limitations, (hosting options, third party extensions, SEO modules, etc.) we’ll help you make that transition quickly, smoothly and without hassle. By migrating all your existing store data and using extensions like LitExtension and Cart2Cart, we will ensure that your new site is ready to go from day one. We’ll conduct an extensive audit of your current Volusion web store, implement the required Magento modules to recreate all your store’s existing functionality and even develop new Magento modules and integrations to make sure your new Magento store works better than before.

BigCommerce to Magento Migration

BigCommerce offers a convenient ecommerce solution for shopping cart beginners but if you’re looking for customization and scalability, then Magento is the best choice. With our expert team of Magento 1 and Magento 2 migration experts, we’ll provide you with a hassle free transition from BigCommerce to Magento along with the support you need (post deployment).

Shopify to Magento Migration

Shopify is the most easy to use ecommerce platform for small businesses and start-ups setting up an online shop for the very first time. Where it falls short though is in customization options and overall functionality. With our Magento migration services, we’ll help you make the jump from Shopify to Magento, on time and with minimal cost. We’ll migrate all your existing data, while revamping your web store’s look and feel to create a shopping experience that will wow visitors and customers alike.

Zen Cart to Magento Migration

Using Zen Cart but considering shifting to Magento? Let us do the work for you. We’ll assist you with an effortless migration from Zen Cart to Magento with all your items, item categories, orders, customers and store data available on the new system, so you’re and running in no time.

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