Although Magento offers the broadest feature set of any ecommerce platform, there are times when you may require functionality that is supported in Magento by default. Luckily though, by using a pre-built or custom Magento extension, you can implement pretty much any feature of functionality you can think of in your Magento store.

How Magento Extensions Help

Refine the shopping experience on your web store

Customize the services offered to customers

Integrate Magento with complex business applications

Implement custom features like loyalty programs, gift certificates, newsletters, etc.

Offer international service by optimizing store(s) for different geographies

Add social networking features

Integrate complex reporting and analytics features.

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Pre-built Magento Extensions

We also offer pre-built Magento extensions that enhance Magento’s functionality and simplify ecommerce operations for business owners. Our pre-built Magento extensions have been showcased as Featured Extensions on the Magento Connect Marketplace and have been downloaded more than a 1000 times.

Magento Extension Development Services We Offer

At Folio3 we specialize in developing custom Magento extensions (for both Magento 1 and 2) that cater to your specific requirements. From extensions that enhance the Magento store’s UI and navigation, to ones that add bespoke features such as custom check-outs, unique product options or integration with third party applications and ERP systems, we’ve done it all. Our expert team of certified Magento developers can help you develop the custom Magento extension you’re looking for, whether that’s for personalizing your Magento store, boosting performance or offering better service to your customers.


We offer Custom Magento Extension Development Services for the following areas.

Magento Order Management

Magento Product Catalogs

Magento Payment Gateways

Magento CMS

Magento Checkout

Magento Shipping Options

Magento Store Locator

Magento Integration

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