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Microsoft .Net Development

The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s flagship application development platform. With a compelling set of capabilities, an enormous developer community, an exceptional set of development tools and Microsoft’s legendary marketing and developer support, the .NET platform is an excellent choice for building compelling web and desktop applications.

Advantages of building applications in .NET include ease of development and a robust technology roadmap. Innovative solutions, like Silverlight, which provides the ability to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which lets developers easily build truly engaging user experiences, are always around the corner. While its open source competitors offer similar innovations, ease of use and speed of development has set .NET apart.

Folio3’s Expertise:

  • Building both highly trafficked websites and complex intranet applications using ASP.NET
  • Building Windows Forms based desktop applications.
  • Websites and complex intranet portals based on DotNetNuke, an open source Content Management System based on .NET


  • An e-commerce website for browsing, configuring and buying ‘conflict free’ diamond jewelry for Brilliant Earth, built using ASP.NET.
  • A DNN based Portal for disease surveillance, the Public Health Information Network for Diagnosis One.
  • A Windows Forms based application for simulating water flow and drainage data for city and county governments, built for Aqualyze.
  • A web based laboratory information system for one of the world’s best known pharmaceutical companies.
  • An internet ad serving engine for a family of international apartment rental websites.

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