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Development and Configuration of Order Email Coupons in Magento 2

Posted by: Kashif Khan
9th January 2019

    E-commerce businesses always needs dynamic rules of marketing to attract and lure their customers. The more the customers visits the sites, the more opportunity for the merchants to sell their products and ultimately, in returns a handsome revenue. Magento-2 a leading E-commerce platform provides a full flexible and customizable architecture to ... Read More >>

The Development Steps for Conventional Admin Form | Grid | Store Filter in Magento 2

Posted by: Kashif Khan
17th December 2018

    The learning curve for Magento 2, with all of the updates, has become even steeper. In this blog, I plan to showcase you how to develop admin form and grid in Magento 2. Magento 2 provides two ways for development of admin form and grid. 1)   UI Component (New Approach). 2)   Conventional Approach ... Read More >>

Magento Update Order Data Using Observer

Posted by: Sooraj Mal
3rd December 2018

    Sometimes we may need to update/change order information like custom_field after an order is placed. We can easily do this on the fly using success page observer “checkout_onepage_controller_success_action”. Follow the details below to see how we can do this. Step 1: Create a Custom module and add the following content inside your ... Read More >>

Introduction to Protocol Buffer and guidelines on how to use it

Posted by: Muhammad Bilal Rao
30th November 2018

    Protocol buffer also known as protobuf was designed by google for internal use to store data and to communicate between processes. Google has now provided support for multiple languages and made it public under open source license. It is an easy to use, flexible, efficient, automated mechanism for serializing and ... Read More >>

Generate Gift Card Codes in Bulk for Magento Stores

Posted by: Sooraj Mal
30th November 2018

    Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise) Gift Card functionality doesn't support the ability to create Gift Card codes in bulk, therefore to generate multiple gift card codes with different denominations, you have to generate each gift card individually. That’s a time consuming and tedious process. So how do you get around ... Read More >>